I am a Parent, how can my child participate?

Please see the Parent Section.  Contact your local league administrator to find out if your league can host a local competition.

Where can I view the official rules?

You can review the official rules during registration or you can view them directly by clicking the following link:  Official Rules

What equipment will the League receive from T-Mobile for participating?

Following the completion of the local competitions at the end of June, each participating league will receive the following as a gift from T-Mobile for participating:

  • Six Dozen AD 100 LL-XL WS Baseballs (if hosting a baseball competition)
  • Four Dozen OLL 12 PL-WS Softballs (if hosting a softball competition)
  • Four Ball Buckets
  • One Team Equipment Bag

Where will the local competitions be held?

Right at your own Little League park.  This is a great way to get your community involved and showcase the players in your league.

When should the competitions take place?

From now through June 16th. They can be held on any day of the week or weekend – whatever is the best option for your league.

Is the T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby the same as the MLB Jr. Home Run Derby?

No, the competitions are different. The T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby is specifically for affiliated Little League programs and participants. Leagues and participants will be verified for affiliation with Little League throughout the process.

Can my results from the MLB Jr. Home Run Derby count towards the T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby?

No, the competition is separate and distinct from the T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby. Competitions must be held following the specific rules for the T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby found here.

Are there separate divisions for Baseball and Softball?

Yes! There will be separate competitions for Baseball and Softball hitters.  Registration for local events will be conducted via the local league.

Who is eligible to participate?

The competition is open to boys and girls ages 9-12 in separate divisions for baseball and softball. A participant’s age is determined based on league age. Players of all skill levels are welcome to participate– this event is about playing and having fun!

When and where are the Regional Finals?

The East Regional Final will be held on July 14th at SunTrust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, and the West Regional Final will be held on July 28th at T-Mobile Park, home of the Seattle Mariners.  More Info Here.

When and where is the Championship Round?

The final round will be held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania this August around the Little League World Series.

What if we already have a Home Run Competition?

You can use the results of the Home Run contest if they fall within our event rules.  All results will need to be submitted on the web site by June 16th.

What if our field is not the right size? What are the distances?

The distances are 180’ for baseball and 170’ for softball.  These distances are typically shorter than the typical fence dimensions – we recommend adding a chalk line to the field at each distance or using cones.

Do we need to have an outfield fence?

If a field does not have an outfield fence, you can create one with chalk or cones.

Are we allowed to use a pitching machine in our local competition?

No, pitching machines are not allowed.

How many participants are required to hold the competition?

There is no minimum required, but we encourage at least 20 participants for each Baseball and Softball.

Do all participants need to be from our Little League?

Please see the Official Rules.

How do all of the participants register?

Each league will be responsible for handling player registration for its local event.  However, it is recommended to use Blue Sombrero (www.bluesombrero.com) as a registration and management tool.

What will we receive in our Host toolkit?

The Administrator who registers will receive a digital toolkit within 48 hours that includes all of the information that you will need to run your competition including rules, score sheets, a sample social media graphics, sample media advisory and other details.

How can I promote my Local Event for players to register?

Your toolkit will include a lot of the necessary items, including a Media Advisory, Poster, Flyer as well as sample social media posts to encourage your sluggers to join!

Can we use our Home Run Derby as a Fundraiser?

The T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby is intended to be a free and fun competition for participants.  A local league can raise money in conjunction with the Home Run Derby by way of concession sales, raffles or other optional fundraising opportunities, but attendance and player participation should be free of charge.