I am a League Administrator, how can my league participate?

Please see the Administrator FAQs to learn how to host your own local competition.

How can my child compete in the T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby?

Talk to your league administrator to find out if your league can host a local competition! If so, your league administrator can provide instructions to sign-up your child.

Are there separate divisions for Baseball and Softball?

Yes!  There will be separate competitions for Baseball and Softball hitters. Registration for local events will be conducted via the local league.

Who is eligible to participate?

The competition is open to boys and girls ages 9-12 in separate divisions for baseball and softball.  A participant’s age is determined based on league age.  Players of all skill levels are welcome to participate — this event is about playing and having fun!

I want to register my son/daughter – how can I do this?

Ask your League Administrator how you can sign up as each league may be different.

What are the rules for the competition?

Please see your League Administrator for the Official Rules.

My child won the local qualifier! Does he/she advance to the next round automatically?

Congratulations on your win! However, winners from each local competition do not advance automatically.  Please check out the standings page as the top two scores from each Region, plus the next two wild cards will advance to the Regionals.

Is a child allowed to compete in more than one Local Competition?

Unfortunately, not – only within the league your child is registering.  That’s why we need you to encourage your League Administrator to hold a competition event!